Sienna Miller Can Get You Killed

Sienna Miller’s dad, Ed Miller, mentioned during a recent interview that if Jude Law cheated on his daughter again, he’d kill Jude. He said,

He did a lot of hard work, trying to figure out who he was. And I told him if he did anything like that again I’d kill him.”

I don’t know about Sienna, but I’d feel really secure in my relationship knowing the only reason my fiance is faithful is because he doesn’t want my father to murder him. And you know Jude wants to cheat on her every day. He’s probably a little nervous since most of his hair is tangled in the shower drain and he wants to sow his wild oats before he has George Costanza’s hairline. Plus, I don’t see how he couldn’t be embarrassed going out in public with this girl. I swear her stylist is a retired rodeo clown with cataracts in both eyes and an affinity for the absurd.

Source: Bang Media

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