Angelina Jolie is Dizzy

Angelina Jolie was walking through Los Angeles International Airport when she had what witnesses describe as a “dizzy spell” and it took her several minutes to recover.

An onlooker revealed: “Angelina looked as cool as ever in her shades and matching black top and trousers. She was with a couple of friends and was being escorted through to the departure lounge. Seconds later, she seemed unsteady on her feet and had to sit down. It was all very sudden.” The source is quoted by Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as adding: “Luckily, after a few minutes, she seemed just fine again.” Angelina recently sparked fears after shedding kilograms and appearing in public slimmer than usual. A source close to the star added: “Since the airport incident people are really worried about her health.”

Angelina hasn’t been looking like her usual healthy, enviable, lickable self lately. The pictures below are from four days ago and she’s a little gaunt and pasty. Note to self: Send Angelina Jolie a letter confirming her current diet of air and Brad Pitt juice is working well, encourage her to continue it and sign the letter “Dr. Jenny”. Then camp out in LAX and hope next time this happens she faints and requires mouth to mouth. I’ll be there in my sexy nurse’s uniform I bought at the adult themed costume shop and as our lips meet and I’m beginning to revive her, she starts to kiss me. Then those demons from Hellraiser show up, rip my skin off and send me to Hell. Dammit! That happens every time. I gotta stop drinking so much caffeine before I daydream.