Cameron Diaz is Hiding

If you don’t know what The Ivy is, it’s a restaurant in London and Los Angeles where the famous go to “be seen” and other people go to see them. That includes hordes of paparazzi who camp out there 24/7 waiting to take pictures and video of them. Pictured below is Cameron Diaz leaving The Ivy a couple nights ago with a blanket over her head. It’s just like her to be annoying enough to go to a high exposure place like this and act like she doesn’t want to be seen by drawing even more attention to herself. I swear she would have been less conspicuous if she wore a beanie with a propeller on her head and a sandwich board which read “I’m Cameron Diaz, bitches!” Oh, and, hey Cameron … yeah, um, we see the festering acne on your chin. You can put your hand down now.

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