Cameron Diaz, 43, Is Pregnant With Benji Madden’s Twins


The rumors have been swirling for months that the recently married couple are pregnant. Now, a new report is claiming that Cameron underwent in vitro fertilization and is expecting not one, but two babies. “When they found out they were expecting twins, Benji and Cam were in shock, but completely overjoyed,” an insider told Life & Style magazine. Considering Benji is a twin himself, the prospect of these two having twins isn’t far off. “Although she’s just a few weeks in, Cameron is hoping her babies turn out to be a boy and a girl. She’s excited to start shopping for the nursery.” There is a bit of a worry surrounding this pregnancy, Cam is at a greater risk for complications, due to her age. “They’re being very cautious,” the insider stated. “She’s very healthy and everything looks great so far. They’re hoping for the best.”

I didn’t think Cameron Diaz would be alive for long after she saw The Other Woman for the first time, so this is much better news. But this is from Life & Style. This story could be true, or it could be somebody there stopped winding the bingo machine and Cameron Diaz’s ball came out after it already stopped at “twins”. So either Cameron Diaz is pregnant with twins and I’ve wasted your time or Cameron Diaz isn’t pregnant with twins and I’ve wasted your time. There’s really no winners here.