Britney Spears is Shopping

I loaded these pictures last night without having any forethought as to what I was going to say about them. But they’re still here and staring at me, so I’ll post them. There’s really no news behind them other than she’s at a mall in Thousand Oaks, CA on Sunday, November 6th and apparently bought a bag full of “raunchy lingerie” at Victoria’s Secret to help spice up her floundering marriage to rapmaster K Fed. Again, she’s wearing stupid pants that are too long for her stumpy legs and they drag all over the ground and ride under her shoes. Wow, Brit. That illusion is really tricky . I totally thought you were really seven feet tall. Brilliant!

Update: Here’s video of the outing pictured below and Britney screaming at the paparazzi. Spoiled brat. Thanks to Michelle.

Watch video here.

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