Dita Von Teese is almost a Manson

I really like looking at Dita Von Teese. She’s such a fun little pin-up girl who looks lovely and fragile in all that porcelain. But she’s going to tie the knot next month with that beast sitting next to her in these pictures from this year’s Fashion Week. Marilyn gets his make up tips from that toy clown from Poltergeist who haunted my dreams and made me afraid to look under my bed for about 20 years. And hopefully Manson credits that evil clown for the inspiration when he launches his line of cosmetics and a designer fragrance.

The gothic rocker claims he is currently in the final stages of talks with a “major cosmetics company” and is confident to have the branded line released by the end of the year.”

I look at Marylin and imagine he’d smell like burnt hair and feet, so I’m assuming his fragrance will smell just like him. I hope Dita doesn’t wear that perfume. I’d almost rather she wore Paris Hilton’s perfume. Sure, it smells like ashtrays and semen, but it comes in a pink bottle, so that makes it pretty.


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