Dita Von Teese is festive

If any of you ladies are still trying to figure out what to wear while you’re out trick or treating, may I suggest what Dita Von Teese wore during a performance a few nights ago? You won’t be considered a slut because burlesque is just a bunch of teasing, so we know you’re not going to give it up. Your only concern should be attracting the wrong kind of attention. And I don’t mean attention coming from attractive people. I mean, you might end up with a milky white, undead, angry vampire like Dita did when Marilyn Manson sank his teeth into her. And your risk is especially high on Halloween.

These pictures are obviously NSFW, but hopefully by now your boss is too drunk from drinking the office Halloween party punch you spiked with Everclear and Xanax to know the difference.

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