Lindsay Lohan is an excellent driver

As many of you already know, Lindsay Lohan was dumb enough to get in another car accident on Tuesday. I’ve read several different articles about the incident. Some blame the paparazzi who were following her around on that afternoon’s shopping trip while she was wasting her money on crap she’ll only wear once and then use as a rag to soak up bong water or plug bloody, eroded coke noses. Other articles place the blame on the dude in the van.

Next time you’re about to shell out money to see the next Lindsay Lohan movie, please think about these pictures. She cares as much about you as she does the guy she crashed into and ran away from rather than bothering to check his condition. And if you’re ever invited to one of her movie premieres, don’t bother going because if you choke on a piece of popcorn Lindsay will kick your seat, tell you to shut the hell up and instruct her handlers to toss you and your blue face out on the street.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thanks to the lovely Kim for her submission.

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