Charlize Theron has a temper

Charlize Theron received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. It doesn’t take much to get discovered in Hollywood. Charlize’s “acting talents” were discovered when she was caught losing her cool in a bank and screaming at a cashier who refused to cash a check.

I went to a bank on Hollywood Boulevard to cash a cheque my mother had sent me. A clerk refused it and I just went nuts. After the shouting was over, a man handed me his business card and told me to get in touch. I thought he was just another guy full of bulls**t but he turned out to be a genuine talent manager called John Crosby.”

Up until now, I didn’t know behaving like an ass in public and throwing fits when you don’t get your way is what talent agents consider good acting skills, but John Crosby’s penis seems to think this is the case.