Kanye West is outside

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Kanye West was refused entry into a London nightclub over the weekend when a doorman didn’t recognize him. West was in the UK to promote his new album and had just finished a show at Abbey Road studios when he and his entourage rolled up to the club Chinawhite on the West End. Says a source:

Kanye rocked up at China white at around 2:30am with his entourage. They parked their two silver Mercedes people carriers outside the club and all of them headed to the door. The people on the door said it was members’ only and they didn’t seem to recognize him at all.” The report adds that “Kanye was gracious but he was fuming. His big night had been ruined.”

A spokesmen for Chinawhite refused comment for this story, so the part that says “they didn’t seem to recognize Kanye” is pretty much just a guess. Also likely is that Chinawhite has a dress code, and sweater vests from Lands End aren’t part of that code. If some rapper is going to be a pain in the ass at your club, he should at least have the decency to not dress like Payne Stewart.