I don’t like links in that way

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Jenny here throwing some late night links at you:

The kid who was good enough to hack Paris Hilton’s cell phone and share its contents with all of us has been sentenced to 11 months in jail. Paris Hilton should send a solid gold ‘Thank You’ note to anyone who sells her nakedness. Without these sex tapes and phone hackings she’d still be a filthy rich whore that people love to hate, but one without a t.v. show, movie and *cough* record contract.


I guess it’s time to place bets on how soon Madonna will be filing for divorce from Guy Ritchie because Guy has allegedly quit the Kabbalah. Ritchie is reportedly blaming the failure of his gangster flick, Revolver, on the ol’ ball and chain because she insisted he include Kabbalah references in the movie. Guy might also want to place some of the blame on his tiny balls because he wasn’t brave enough to say “No”.


I’d be flattered if like Renee Zellweger I was specifically selected for a big movie role, but not so much if it was because I was known for my raging case of acne.


D’Angelo who is probably best known for that music video for that song I don’t remember where he’s naked and almost flashing his sausage got himself arrested for being a drunken, pot smoking cokehead.

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SmitHappens has the entire collection of one of my favorite SNL sketches, Celebrity Jeopardy.

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