Britney Spears is dumb and okay about it

In what experts with stopwatches and clipboards are calling the worlds least surprising story, MSNBC reports that “Britney Spears is really into Kabbalah, even though she doesn’t understand it” and husband Kevin can’t even be bothered to try.

I read the Kabbalah books and I meditate on them, (even though) they are all in Hebrew. I don’t understand everything. But it’s kind of OK that you don’t. Kevin isn’t into it as intensely as I am. For some reason I’m thirsting for it. But he looks at the books every once in a while.”

There’s no way Kabballah can be happy about an association with these lumpy hillbillies. It would be like if you were running for mayor and NAMBLA came out to support you. These two couldn’t unravel the hidden messages from a traffic light, much less ancient Hebrew. But, lest you toss and turn all night worrying that they wont spend the rest of their lives in palatial opulence, good news! Britneys Malibu mansion is finally done with its renovations and they moved back in over the weekend. The pictures are kind of small, but if you squint, you might jsut find the funnel cake booth and “greased pig chasin” practice mud.