Keira Knightley is concerned

According to Female First UK, “Keira Knightley is at the center of a romance riddle after she was spotted chatting to her ex-boyfriend at the premiere party of new film ‘Pride and Prejudice'”, a party that also was set to be attended to by Keira’s current boyfriend, Aussie DJ Kaz James. Says a source:

Keira had a busy night making sure her tangled romantic life wasn’t the center of attention. Kaz was messed about all day Keira sent him tickets for the film but got cold feet about him going to the party afterwards. It was just as well too because Jamie was kicking about. He is still close to Keira so a confrontation between the two would have been a huge embarrassment.”

This would have been a lot more awesome if she was still seeing both guys, and then she could run back and forth on a date with both of them, trying to keep them from meeting. She could order a steak with one guy and then excuse herself to run across the room to sit down with the other guy, and then order a drink, and then run back across the room to the first guy. She’d be gasping for air and all sweaty, and the first guy would be all like, “what the ‘ell, love.” And then Keira Knightly would make some kind of bathroom joke. And then fart real loud to show she wasn’t lying. And all the other tables would scootch back a little, cause Keira Knightly is just really inappropriate.