Colin Farrell is posher than he makes out

Rest assured that I have no idea what that headline means. I do know that a report on this morning’s IMDb says that “Colin Farrell has been embarrassed by his old schoolmates, who have shattered his tough image by insisting he used to be a posh ‘mummy’s boy’. His old pals are particularly amused by his strong Irish accent – which he never used to have”. Some of the quotes from people who claim to have known him as a kid include:

He was seen as effeminate. They thought he was a sissy so he got picked on” and “He pretends he’s from a tough part of Dublin but he’s not” and “Colin sounds quite broad Dublin these days but everyone knows he’s posher than he makes out.”

Farrell’s dad was a professional soccer player, so its unlikely he grew up in the slums, but seemingly equally unlikely that he was some kind of mincing sissy. Also likely is that ‘mummy’ is Irish cool for ‘mom’, and that Colin wasn’t raised in a sarcophagus by an un-dead monster who only came out to chase Scooby Doo and haunt the amusement park. But that should be considered a wild guess at best, because even when the Irish are speaking English I have no idea what the hell they’re saying. I spent the summer there a few years ago and I recommend it just to go to a Chinese restaurant and hear an Asian guy talk with an Irish accent. I couldn’t have been any more amazed if my dog had started talking to me. He still probably thinks I was coming on to him because I asked him a billion questions just to keep him at the table, even though I quickly ran out of ones about food, so it became “do you like these pants” and “what’s your favorite color”.

This page became my diary at some point. Sorry about that.