Murphy is fruity and Roberts is bossy

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Jenny here with a couple of quick links:

A story here claims Eddie Murphy is gay and is having an affair with Johnny Gill, one of the guys from New Edition who isn’t Bobby Brown. The story goes on to say Eddie and Johnny are both in the process of getting a divorce because for some reason their wives are angry about all the hot man on man lovin’ going on between their husbands. I can’t help but remember a little incident back in 1997 when Eddie was pulled over by police with a transsexual hooker (who is now dead). His excuse is he was “being a good samaritan”, which I guess is code for “being a big gay comedian.”


Julia Roberts has banned her brother from talking about her kids, Phinneaus and Hazel, to the press. I can’t imagine what Her Highness would fear Eric would tell the press about her kids other than their mommy is an overrated actress with a superiority complex and too many teeth, and naming your babies “Phinneaus” and “Hazel” is just another way of saying “I hate you.”