Sharon Stone loves to complain

I could very happily write about Jessica Simpson all day long – for example I could mention that the sequel to the Dukes of Hazzard is moving forward and will be set in London – but Sharon Stone is allegedly furious that Catherine Zeta-Jones will play the part of Lana Turner in an upcoming bio-pic, because Stone claims Turner wanted her to play the part. Quoth Stone

“I met Lana in her final years and liked her a great deal. She was every inch the movie star and we got along really well. She said if there was a film to be made on her life, then I was her choice. Lana’s life is one of the more interesting of the Hollywood greats. Lana really rocked.”

When asked about something completely different, Trey Parker said, “Actors and actresses are the worst, because they’re just fucking monkeys. Half the people in this country could do what they do but for some reason they think their opinion matters.” When asked about this project and rumor, an imaginary producer I just made up said, “We considered Sharon because she’s a good actress and she still looks hot enough at 47 to wear see thru dresses like in the pictures below my quote, but she’s also an insufferable bitch and egomaniac who does nothing but complain and thinks actors should rank above nuns who sponge lepers in Calcutta and Batman on everyone’s list of international heroes. What’s my proof? Uh, stuff exactly like this.”


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