Knight gets lucky, Timberlake gets crafty, Reid gets a room and Anderson gets aroused

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Jenny here with a couple of quick links:

Suge Knight was shot in the leg outside of an MTV VMAs pre-party which was hosted by Kanye West. There is speculation that the wound which shattered his leg bone was self inflicted. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. See, because I wouldn’t attend any party which had Suge friggin’ Knight on the guest list. Call it life preservation, if you will. That dude would punch his own reflection if he looked at himself wrong.


I would rather be seen topless, in a pair of acid washed Z. Cavariccis, with neon pink leg warmers and LA Gear high tops, than be seen in public wearing anything from Justin Timberlake’s new clothing line. I haven’t seen the clothes yet, but anyone who dresses as a Michael Jackson impersonator most of the time and dates chicks who wear crap like this obviously lacks the part of the brain which controls good choices.


Tara Reid was staying in some swanky hotel in London while filming an episode for her train wreck of a show, “Taradise”, and booked a separate suite to store her shoes. Her shoes? Shouldn’t that have read “her cache of liquor and condoms”? Well, maybe not the condoms.


Pamela Anderson drinks espresso because it makes her nipples hard. Espresso pretty much has the same effect on me. Well, that’s one thing on a laundry list of things which also includes the wind blowing, blinking and breathing.