Angelina loves Brad

Glamour UK is saying that “Angelina Jolie has hinted that she and lover Brad Pitt are ‘working on’ getting married. (Jolie), who has been married twice before, also added that she and Brad ‘plan to adopt more babies.’ Pals say Jolie, who already has two adopted children, longs for Pitt to join her and the kids in New York.”

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Brad meant when he said he wanted to have a family. I’m pretty sure he meant his own family. This has become like some fable where your deal with the devil makes all your wishes come with some cruel and ironic twist. Like that time I wished to be the richest man in the world. And the Genie made me rich in “plucky spirit”. Cut the crap, Genie. You knew what I meant.

But maybe Angelina is just being prudent, cause, is it even safe to have kids at 29? I mean, I think there was a woman in the Bible who did it, and every now and then you hear about a woman in China doing it, but I think generally obstetricians would prefer that you wait. It’s just good sense.

update – This is Star magazine’s cover story this week as well, and they add passages like:

It was, she said proudly, “Zahara’s first shopping spree with mommy.” Asked where Brad was, she told a fellow shopper: “He’s not here with us.” Then she rubbed baby Zahara’s head and, in her best baby talk, said: “Do you miss Brad? Mommy misses Brad!”

I’m pretty sure Star took some liberties and added that exclamation point at the end, I doubt she was doing a cheer, but here are some pictures from that shopping trip in Manhattan taken on August 14. And am I the only one who finds it kind of charming that Angelina Jolie would ride in a cab. I didn’t think cabs existed in a world where you’re as hot as Angelina. I just assumed she would travel in a coach made by Prada led by a team of magical white pegasus.