Jennifer Affleck is having a girl

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are said to be having a baby girl. A report in this mornings New York Daily News says that Garner was overheard last week at the Los Angeles premiere of Matt Damons the Brothers Grimm, and when a friend placed her hand on Garners stomach and asked, “Are you having a boy”, Garner replied, “guess again.”

It is Ben Affleck were talking about, so it’s possible Garner meant she’s having a centaur or minotaur or something. Some kind of monster with hooves and horns is my point. But I’ll just assume she meant they’re having a girl, cause they seem blissfully happy in these pictures taken last week at Griffiths Park, in a scene so saccharine it makes my teeth hurt. The only thing missing is a baby koala giving flowers to a kitten cause it had a boo-boo.


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