Reese Witherspoon is reading this

Reese Witherspoon surfs the internet to see what people think of her, says the Daily Express UK. The star of the upcoming Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix confessed she spends hours cruising online chat rooms late at night.

I’ll go on the internet late at night and find out what people really think about me. It hurts my feelings sometimes though, because I get comments like, ‘She looks weird’, ‘I hate her movies’ and ‘She stinks’ It feels terrible. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. I think I should just move on”.

It’s actually kind of charming that Reese even cares what people think. At least compared to bitches like Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise, who surround themselves with sycophants and never hear a critical voice. Which is pretty much how dictators do it too, by the way. JeLo and Cruise and Kim Jung Il and Pol Pot all kind of walk the same path. (a Shining Path, you might say). Anyone who disagrees with them is yelled at and eliminated; one minute you’re part of the fancy entourage on top of the world, the next you’re being shot in the knees and thrown into an industrial shredder. So to speak. Or maybe not.


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