Brad Pitt’s mom is nice

July 29 was the fifth wedding anniversary of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Brad spent it 9 deep in Angelina Jolie, Aniston spent it crying with a trash bag over her head and an electrical cord around her neck. But “in an act of motherly love, Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane, rushed to Chicago to be at the side of her daughter-in-law in her time of need.” according to Star. “A source tells Star that a tearful Jen had telephoned Jane sharing her feelings of loneliness on the eve of her and Brad’s anniversary, prompting Jane to jump in her car and drive the 300 miles to comfort her.”

“Despite the breakup of Brad and Jen, Jane still loves Jennifer and wanted to be with her while she went through this difficult time,” the source continues. “It’s been a while but in many ways Jen probably still can’t believe that it’s really over between her and Brad.”

“Jane still feels that Jennifer is part of the family and her heart has really gone out to her. When Jen called her upset, Jane didn’t think twice before hurrying to see her, and she said that she’s going to stay there for a week with Jen until she feels better.”

I was at a girlfriend’s house one time and I asked her mom if I could have a fruit roll up, and she stared at me with such hatred you would have thought I did it while ATM’ing her pride and joy right there on the kitchen table. And they had like 50 of the goddamn things. So if you’re going to tell me that sometimes parents actually like the boyfriend or girlfriend, you might as well do it in Klingon, cause I’m not going to have any idea what you’re talking about. And the lean days aren’t over for Jen yet. Not with that cover picture on the way. For Vanity Fair to choose that picture – where she looks horrible – when they had those other ones – where she looks great – really can’t be considered anything other than sarcastic.