Scott Foley to join Alias. Yeah, that wont be awkward. could probably have a worse name – maybe or something like that – but they are pretty reliable, so it’s worth noting that they hear Scott Foley is rumored to join the cast of Alias next year, co-staring with his very pregnant ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

As dumb as this sounds, Alias is a JJ Abrams show – he also created Felicity and Lost – and Abrams likes to work with people he knows. Garner was also on Felicity before getting cast on Alias. Terry O’Quinn was on Alias and later cast as John Locke on Lost. Greg Grunberg was on Felicity, Alias and Lost. And Felicity herself is now cast in Mission Impossible III, which Abrams is directing.

Moviehole’s logic seems a little flawed, since it’s based on E! dropping the name ‘Ben’, and Scott Speedman played Ben on Felicity, not Foley, but, whatever, this is only going up so I can post pictures of Jennifer Garner loading groceries into a billion dollar Bentley. I can’t explain why, but that fascinates me. I didn’t think groceries existed in the same world as Bentleys. I thought the only thing that went into the trunks of Bentleys were sexy secret agents James Bond was sneaking across a border and prostitutes who died at an NFL wide receiver’s coke party.