Charlize Theron is shy all of a sudden

IMDb is reporting that Charlize Theron forced changes to her costume in the upcoming Aeon Flux after deciding her character’s original outfit was too revealing. When Theron saw the superheroine’s skimpy crime-fighting outfit of a bikini, thigh-high boots and shoulder pads, she decided to add trousers to the outfit. The 29-year-old star admits, “When you’re playing with aspects of sexuality, certain things have to be hidden. That’s what my mother always used to tell me.”

Just once it would be charming if a celebrity wasn’t totally insane. Charlize Theron is naked all the damn time, so I have to assume this just means her price wasn’t met. Here she is last week on stage with the confusingly popular Pussycat Dolls. But the terrifying thing here is that she gets sexual tips from her mom. The images I have in my head during sex are confusing enough, I don’t need a girl to dismount from reverse cowgirl and then say, “Yeah, my mom thought you would like that.” Maybe it’s just because I’m charmingly old fashioned, but my parents and I just didn’t talk about stuff like that. Advice from my dad mostly came in the form of him smacking me in the back of the head if I did something stupid. Which is kind of like advice. We mostly just talked about Reggie Miller retiring and the pussies at the ACLU. “Let’s not get too personal” seemed to be my parents approach. And, thanks anyway, but that’s pretty much how I liked it.

update – I probably should have put these up first, Charlize in the movie no ones been waiting for, Aeon Flux.