Lucy Liu cast as Charlie Chan

Several reports this morning are saying that Lucy Liu is all but signed to revive the role of Charlie Chan, the detective star of over 30 films made famous in the 1930’s. I haven’t seen any of those movies cause my video store has videos, not a holo-deck where I can travel back in time, but Lucy Liu is pretty hot, so I’ll probably be tricked into seeing this. Some people would argue that I haven’t had sex with Lucy Liu yet, but that’s because she hasn’t seen me in my underwear that says “Home of the Whopper” on the front. Man is her heart gonna melt when she sees that.

As clearly retarded as it is to have a girl play Charlie Chan, it’s still a step up, considering the first two actors to play the roles were big fat white guys, one from Missouri, one from Sweden (I looked it up!) so this may well be the world’s greatest idea, especially considering Liu is more willing to strip down than you might think, as evidenced by these very NSFW pics.

Also enjoy this picture, which was too NSFW for a thumbnail. And this one, which just looked weird lined up with the black and whites.