Lucy Liu Is Racist

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To prepare for her upcoming role in the TNT series about cops or something, Southland, Lucy Liu went on a ride a long with the LAPD through South Central wearing a bulletproof vest. Because riding on the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride also makes you a pirate. TMZ reports:

Liu — who just took a role as an LAPD officer on the TNT cop drama, “Southland” — was not involved in any police activity during her tour of the area, but we’re told the actress is scheduled to participate in a more active ride-along in the near future. As we previously reported, Liu’s new co-star Michael Cudlitz also put in some time with the LAPD recently — and actually responded to a call about a “man with a gun” during his ride-along.

A bulletproof vest? Oh, I see. Why it gotta be all like that? I think she might have been overreacting. She’s an Asian chick in a black neighborhood. The worst that could have happened is somebody asking her if she had any UV top coat.