Family Guy movie is online, Spacey is Lex, Church is the Chameleon

The Family Guy movie is online: ever since seeing that Ben Affleck ad about downloading bootlegged movies, I’m obviously against pirating and torrents, so I only mention this to remind all of you to not go to or and type in “family guy movie”, and then download the DVD-rip of the untold Stewie Griffin story. Cause that would really disappoint Ben Affleck. And just think of everything he’s done for you.


Thomas Haden Church is the Chameleon: Development Hell is reporting that Thomas Hayden Church will not be playing Sandman in Spider Man 3 but instead has been cast as the Chameleon. Geeks will delight in knowing that this is the villain from the very first issue of the Spider Man comic book. The second incarnation of the Green Goblin will also make a late appearance. No word on who Topher Grace will play, but the speculation is still that it will be Venom.

Ummm … okay I don’t have a joke for this … uhh … oh okay, “what’s the best part of taking a shower with a 12 year old girl? Get her hair wet and she looks 10.”



Kevin Spacey is Lex Luther: the first pictures of former working actor Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther in Superman Returns hit the net this morning, courtesy of I still have zero confidence is director Bryan Singer, who despite brilliant and random luck (being handed the script for Usual Suspects and the last second casting of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, despite his choice of Dougray Scott) still manages to make movies as exciting as a senior center slide show.