Eva Longoria is a pitcher

There’s not a whole lot worth writing about this morning, so that means it’s time for some random Marissa Miller Krista Allen Eva Longoria pictures, this time of her throwing out the first pitch at the Los Angeles Angels game on July 24th. She looks good, but she’s no Vlad Guerrero. Man that dude is just poured into his uniform.

I could probably look up some random article on Eva to make this look like a real news story, but I have to get to court this morning. Man, cops really freak out when you dig casket sized holes in your backyard overnight. I’m sorry if my hardcore fight training is unconventional and offends the blue bloods at the yacht club, as they shake their heads and say ‘hurumph’ about my rebellious nature, but when you’re raised on the streets like me, the gym just won’t cut it.