Cool new movie trailers are out today

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The 40 Year Old Virgin – Even as I write this at 6 in the morning, I’m wearing an ascot and top-hat, and when my staff says “tis another glorious morning, gov’ner” my response is a dignified “indubitably”, so I’m obviously a very classy dish, but for all of you perverts out there who think boner jokes and pointless vulgarity and even nudity are funny, especially in a movie trailer, then you might want to check out this very R-rated, very NSFW version of the trailer for Steve Carells the 40 Year Old Virgin .

Get Rich or Die Trying – This thing is truly baffling. It kind of looks like a typical rushed piece of crap, forced out quick to take advantage of 50 Cent’s fame, like when you see Tom Green in the first Charlie’s Angels or something, but it’s directed by 7-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan, the Irish playwright and director of My Left Foot, In America and In the Name of the Father. And it’s written by Terence Winter, who wrote about 20 episodes of the Sopranos. But this is only a teaser trailer, so it’s pretty vague and hard to know what the end result will be. Like that time I hired a hit-man. Wait, did I say “hired a hit-man”? I meant to say “ordered ice cream.” So many flavors, I was in way over my head.