Pam Anderson and Lindsay Lohan kiss

I read something where Japanese scientists were testing a pill that was like a girl version of Viagra, and it makes women really horny and more likely to have a lesbian experience. It probably won’t work of course since Japanese scientists are goofy perverts, not magical wizards, but it doesn’t look like Pam Anderson and Lindsay Lohan need that pill anyway, since they’re pawing all over each other and seal things with a kiss. And I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, the only thing hotter than 2 chicks kissing would be 4 chicks kissing. Or maybe even 5!” And I’d have to agree with you. But then you’d think, “Well then what we really need is 7 hot girls kissing.” But that’s where I draw the line. I’m sorry my friends, but 7 is just too much.

update – someone in the comments asked about the third picture and any more from this set. I added the only two left, and neither of those has the angle they want, but I tacked on that same picture in super high res, so go nuts.