Angelina Jolie’s adopted baby

At some point Brad Pitt is going to start to wonder what the hell he’s done. He’s already gotten meningitis. His weekends are spent wading through human misery, sitting in dirt that is the floor and also dinner, trying to talk like a ventriloquist so the flies don’t get into his mouth. Now there’s a new baby in the house. Still not Brad’s, by the way, despite his well known desire to start a family. Those are the first pictures of Wakka Wakka or whatever the kid’s name is below. Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn is banging away on Jennifer Aniston in their ginormous Malibu palace, driving the Range Rovers to run up a tab at NoBu and going to Cubs games. At some point, sex with Angelina Jolie – I don’t care what she’ll let you do to her – just becomes more trouble than it’s worth.

Picture credit to JJB.