Tommy is confused, Colin is safe, Sienna is pissed

Pam Anderson: “I am not engaged to Tommy Lee … we are friendly, we’re family … the press have some nerve. We’re not back together, we just love each other! This is a huge misunderstanding … I am NOT getting married … Period.”

Tommy Lee: “Yes, I love Pamela. That’s my girl.” Tommy Lee has confirmed he and his ex-wife Pam Anderson are set to exchange vows for the third time. As for a date for the big day, he added, “No date yet, baby. Soon!”

I can’t even tell if these two have ever met at this point, but they’re both pretty much on empty. They might as well just gun it.


Colin Farrell gets restraining order on porno – “A temporary restraining order was issued Tuesday against a woman who is allegedly trying to distribute a sex tape involving her and actor Colin Farrell.”

This whole story has hit pretty close to home with me, and I was *this* close to not filming my three way with Marissa Miller and Krista Allen over the weekend. *This close.* (I don’t know if you guys are picking up on this, but I’m doing that thing where I demonstrate a very small distance with my fingers)


Sienna Miller is furious: “Jude’s been leaving Sienna, like, a million missed calls on her mobile and she hasn’t picked up once,” a friend told Us Weekly. Miller hid her face Monday night when she showed up to perform in the London production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, but made sure photographers saw that her left hand was missing her gold-and-platinum engagement ring. Law and Miller are said to have met at a secret countryside location over the weekend, but her mother reported that “Sienna is angry and wants to be alone.”

Below are the pictures the Rush and Malloy article mention. And here is a picture of Sienna taken July 15, with her engagement ring in clear view. And here is a picture of Jude Law taken two days from now, once it sinks in that he lost Sienna Miller cause he just had to get a piece of Daisy Wright.