Angelina Jolie loves deviant sex. With Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie spent over 500 dollars in the London sex store Coco De Mer last week, a store that sells everything from X-rated lingerie to paddles and leather handcuffs. Jolie was seen flicking through books on sexual positions and picking up blindfolds and feather ticklers. All this amongst reports that Brad Pitt has moved into Jolies UK country home. Quoth the neighbor:

“I see them a lot I popped in recently after I hit my tennis ball over the fence. Angelina is keen on exotic roses and she’s been teaching me about the rare ones”.

Which is awesome cause that is just about the lamest excuse to spy on someone ever recorded. If you can afford a English manor next to Angelina Jolie, I think you can find room in the budget for a backup tennis ball. The UK doesn’t still ration rubber, do they? That stopped in the 1940’s right? Well, someone should tell Lord Sorry Excuse that.