Jessica Alba is sharkproof

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According to a report on Female First: “Jessica Alba punched a shark on the nose when it got too close to her while filming her new her new movie. The sexy actress was shooting underwater scenes in the Bahamas for upcoming film ‘Into The Blue’ when the deadly fish swam too close for comfort. So the 24-year-old star lashed out and managed to scare the shark away. She revealed: “I jabbed him on the nose and he swam off”.

As someone with an advanced degree in marine biology – I also have a pipe and tweed jacket, so listen up – it might not be the greatest idea to punch sharks in the nose, regardless of how hot you are. A better idea would be to put on put on a black wetsuit and flop around on the surface while making a high pitched barking sound. Seals are the sharks only natural enemy – at least I think I read that right – so my theory is you should do everything you can to look like one. Seals are often called the ninjas of the sea – for example, by me, just now – and sharks know that ninjas will mess you up man. Mess you up bad.