Tom Cruise passionate about life. Also crazy as hell.

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Now officially dangerously insane Tom Cruise was on the Today Show this morning and what began as a typical media tongue kiss about War of the Worlds quickly ramped up into the greatest interview ever, with Cruise insisting time and time again that he knows things it’s been proven he doesn’t know, like during this exchange with Matt Lauer about Brooke Shields taking a prescription for post partum depression:

Lauer: But this wasn’t against her will.

Cruise: Matt, I’m – Matt, I’m asking you a question.

Lauer: I understand there’s abuse of all of these things.

Crusie: No, you see. Here’s the problem. You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do.

Just to reiterate, no, he really really doesn’t. Later, the actor who failed high school and never went to college explained his depth of knowledge in regards to psychiatric medications:

Crusie: All it does is mask the problem, Matt. And if you understand the history of it, it masks the problem. That’s what it does. That’s all it does. You’re not getting to the reason why. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.

I would have mentioned that Cruise failed in high school because he was diagnosed as being dyslexic, but since there’s clearly no such thing, that pretty much leaves “he’s a moron”. Do whatever you have to to never have a heart attack around Tom Cruise, cause he would just use his medical expertise to put some duct tape on your chest and give you some gumdrops. And then he would convince you that the defibrillator and paramedics who later saved your life really didn’t save your life. Just like people who improve on meds like Stratera and Ritalin haven’t really improved on meds like Stratera and Ritalin.

Crusie: And to talk about it in a way of saying, “Well, isn’t it okay,” and being reasonable about it when you don’t know and I do, I think that you should be a little bit more responsible in knowing what it is.

Lauer: But–

Crusie: Because you– you communicate to people.

Lauer: But you’re now telling me that your experiences with the people I know, which are zero, are more important than my experiences.

Crusie: What do you mean by that?

Lauer: You’re telling me what’s worked for people I know hasn’t worked for people I know. I’m telling you I’ve lived with these people and they’re better.

Crusie: So, you’re — you’re advocating it?

Full transcript and video of the interview on MSNBC here. Transcript of the really good parts on Drudge here.