Where was Katie Holmes in April?

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This story has been around for a few days now, but Fox has a pretty nice summary of the details and the timeline as it’s known. The gist of it is that Katie Holmes, who has always been extremely close to her family and friends and always appeared devoted to her agent and manager, disappeared for 16 days in April. 16 days where no one knew where to find her, 16 days where she had no contact with anyone she had always been close too, 16 days that immediately proceeded her explosion on the public scene as the girlfriend of Tom Cruise and a new convert to the church of Scientology.

Some people might find it curious that things like this seem to keep happening to people immediately before pledging allegiance to Scientology. And that weirdness is a completely random event that seems to follow these people 100 percent of the time. But Katie Holmes insists on wearing hilariously high heels whenever she and Tom Cruise are in public, so there’s at least an once of resistance left in the girl. She does blink a lot however, and someone who knows morse code might want to look into that. I knew this dude who got duped by Scientology one day and ended up stuck in their center in Hollywood for like 10 hours. I totally meant to go save him, but then his girlfriend gave me a hand job and I got pretty sleepy.

I think his name is Baala Xenu now.