The French are racist

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Don’t expect Oprah Winfrey to accessorize with Hermes bags any time soon. Spies in Paris report that, in a stunning display of ignorance … the Hermes store in (Paris) refused entry to the talk show queen. “Oprah didn’t have her hair done,” says a source. “When she tried the door, they refused her entry because they have been ‘having a problem with North Africans’ lately…'”

Quite frankly I could give a damn less if anyone is mean to Oprah Winfrey. And without her hair and makeup team and their blood-of-a-black-cat sorcery, she looks like a drag queen who should be doing “I Will Survive” in a dank karaoke bar somewhere, so Hermes is forgiven for not recognizing her, but the French can kiss my ass ever since 1986 when they wouldn’t let the United States use their air space to bomb Libya, so this is as good as chance as any to point out that they’re awful awful people.


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