20th Century Fox hates you

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AICN is finally confirming what has been rumored for a few days now, namely that talentless hack Brett Rattner has been brought on to replace Matthew Vauhgn as the director of X-Men 3. The X-Men films have never been what they should be, namely war in the streets and complete and utter spectacle, but they just became completely irrelevant and as cold as my dads hug. (“Oh daddy, why wont you hug me, you hug the mail man.” *runs off crying*)

Okay, I’m back, and feeling no better about Brett Rattner. Let’s be perfectly clear, the dude sucks and no one cares about any of his work. And that’s not an opinion. He stumbled into the Rush Hour movies and everything else has been completely unwatchable. I lost a bet one time and a buddy of mine got to hit me in the balls with a wiffle ball bat, and as painful and miserable as I knew it was going to be, I saw it all the way through. Keep that in mind when I tell you that I own After the Sunset on DVD and have started to watch it a dozen times, but have never had the high pain threshold needed to make it past the 30 minute mark.


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