‘Entourage’ begins second season

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Media hype for the second season of the worlds least relatable show – HBO’s Entourage – has begun, with the “comedy” set to open year 2 on June 5. God as my witness, if I read one more empty headed review where I’m told that watching this show is just like hanging out with my friends, I’m going to the roof with a bottle of SoCo, an AK and extra clips. Yeah, that show really brings me back to that time me and my buddies banged a bunch of Playmates while eating lobster in my Olympic size pool in my Hollywood mansion. Oh, wait, which time?

The three leads are likable enough, I guess. And Samarie Armstrong is cute, although it’s hard to tell by the pictures below. None of which changes the fact that I’d rather watch a video of a colonoscopy in my cancerous anus then another episode of that show. Probably laugh more too.