Wilmer Valderrama is “El Muerto”

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‘El Muerto’ is more than just the home of the 3-pound burrito, it’s also a comic book about a man who dies on the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead, only to be resurrected one year later, by the Aztec Gods of Death and Destiny, with supernatural powers. And now it’s a movie. And it stars Fez. As El Muerto. As a zombie with supernatural revenge powers. Fez. Im gonna go out on a limb and suggest that, if you need Fez to come avenge you, you’re kinda screwed. Just make your peace and deal with it. Hell, I wouldn’t want him to save me, and I have no pride whatsoever. I got rescued by a little grey kitten one time after a panic attack cause a bumblebee flew right past my ear, and those press conferences where the kitten got the key to the city on the courthouse steps still left me with more dignity than if I ever had to thank Fez for anything.

Thanks to the great movie website JoBlo for a picture of the greatest movie poster you’ll ever see.