Jet Li is Danny the Dog

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If anyone needs me today, I’ll be standing in line for Unleashed. So if you see anyone today and they’re not standing in line for Unleashed, that’s not me. I’ll be the one mocking the virgins in line for Star Wars and shooting flaming arrows at the fatties in line for ‘Monster in Law’. And to get psyched for Unleashed, you should check out the Massive Attack video over on Quicktime. There’s a shot (at the 37 second mark, yellow background, right after a guy falls on the roof of a car) where Li grabs a dude by his collar and throws him to the ground so hard, that dude is absolutely dead. Or lying in a pool of his own sweat and urine praying to die.

None of this has really been newsworthy, so I’ll just mention that Li has faced some criticism for this from fans who thought it was demeaning for Li to be treated like a dog. “They thought it was…” and Li consults an interpreter for the precise word “…insulting because Jet Li is the hero for the Chinese. Why does he have a collar on? Why is he stepped on by white people?” You can read the full story from the New York Daily News here.