Natalie Portman is shaved

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Natalie Portman has shaved her head for her role in the upcoming V for Vendetta. “Some people will think I’m a neo-Nazi,” Portman said. “Or that I have cancer or I’m a lesbian … I cant stop rubbing my head, its so soft. I might keep it for a while.”

I have no idea what V for Vendetta is, but hopefully it’s about Natalie’s tongue taking a heartwarming journey to the back of my throat. Girls always always always always always always always always look better with long hair, but she does look kinda hot here. Before she looked too pristine, now she looks kinda crazy, like she’d call you a fag if you couldn’t make her cum twice. Oh, and, nice shot at lesbians there, by the way Natalie. I’m sure they’ll enjoy being lumped in with racist skinheads and the terminally ill.

Thanks to John – his name might be John. The email wasn’t real clear. He might just go to prostitutes a lot – for the link.