Kate Bosworth is adorable

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From the British press is claiming “Orlando Bloom recently took some dating advice from none other than Brad Pitt and may now try to reconcile things with on again / off again girlfriend Kate Bosworth…”

Does Orlando think he can just come into the life Kate and I have built and turn our world upside down? The lady said no Orlando, deal with it. I know I seem cool and in control at all times, but trust me, ya don’t poke the bear.

In a related but non-cracking-Orlando-Bloom-in-the-skull story, Kate Bosworth walking her dog may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen that also gave me a near-painful hard-on. And notice that her dog that she spends so much time with what appears to be a actual dog, maybe even from the pound, not some hairless shivering rat with blush and tinted contacts and a diamond tiara like so many in Hollywood seem to cling to like they’re conjoined. I’m almost positive I’m in love with Kate Bosworth. She projects an approachable kind of beautiful, she’s perfect but somehow not intimidating, she’s adorable and sweet but it’s still really easy to picture a room full of shattered furniture as Kate looks up, sweaty and panting and smiling, pushing her hair out of her eyes after 30 hours of sex…

Holy shit … umm … excuse me for a minute.