Kirsten Dunst is tough to look at

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A buddy of mine has an older brother who is a cop and once there was this serial rapist going around town and my buddy was privy to a bunch of details that weren’t common knowledge, so, of course, he used them to place an anonymous call to the police and tell them I was the rapist, and sold the whole thing with the details they were after; specific times he saw me leave, specific things he saw me wear, so on and so on. And after they released me 41 hours later, I had to admit it was a pretty good joke. Anyway, I was sorta thinking about pulling the same kind of thing on Kirsten Dunst. But this time, the game is real. Because I hate her. Wouldn’t it be bliss to turn on the news and see: “KIRSTEN DUNST IS THE ZODIAC KILLER!” – “D.A. says : ‘You’re gonna hang for this Dunst!'”

Jennifer sent this pic in about a week ago, but I didn’t put it yet cause I choke on my bile every time I open it. Kirsten really is hideous. And please don’t think I mean that as an opinion, cause it’s not. It’s a provable fact, like Fermat’s Last Theorem. With her giant Garbage Pail Kid head and creepy scarecrow legs, she looks like she should live in Halloweentown. I’m not really sure where this picture is from – other than my reoccurring nightmare – but it really is unnerving. Normally, when someone looks like crap and a camera shows up, a sane person kinda turns away a little bit. The muppet here actually stands tall, arches her hideous back, turns her giant head just an inch and poses. The troll actually thinks she looks good.