Kirsten Dunsts Breasts Weren’t Nominated For An Emmy And That’s A Travesty

Transparent director Jill Soloway screamed, “topple the patriarchy!,” at the end of her acceptance speech at the Emmys last night, then the In Memoriam part of the show was a bunch of old men, so I didn’t know if I should be sad or not. Not trying to be problematic, so let me know. I only bring this up because I’m about to objectify Kirsten Dunst. We can topple later or whatever. But yeah, Kirsten Dunst was pretty damn great in Fargo, and her tits also remain pretty damn great. Her face has always been kinda weird, but again, titties. The titties are her constant. You might point out that they sag, but then I might point out that they’re real so that happens. I realize the anime you jerk off to doesn’t really educate you as well as it should.