Britney Spears is nice

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“Britney Spears granted a revealing and impromptu interview to a 10-year-old fan who discovered her at a California hotel … schoolgirl Veronica You wrote to the singer after hearing she was staying at L’Merigot Hotel recently. You asked the star for an interview for her school newspaper and Spears responded warmly to the request, saying, ‘Ask anything you want.'”

Britney Spears went from one of the hottest pieces of ass on the planet to a trampy drunken lump in a matter of months. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. So it’s easy to forget that she used to seem kinda sweet and even likable. Then everything went horribly wrong somehow, like a bad issue of the X-Men, her body changed so dramatically in just about a year, I swear to God if she grows tentacles next, we probably should’ve seen it coming. So – even though she just did something selfless and nice – I’m going to mock her by putting up pictures of Avril, who, unlike Britney, seems to get hotter by the minute. It’s all part of my tough-love program.