Heidi Klum gets fired

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“Supermodel Heidi Klum has lost a lucrative deal with a German fashion house following her recent announcement she’s pregnant with her second child.”

I’ve never really understood how Seal managed to get Heidi Klum on her back. She’s still pretty much getting it done at age 31, and he still pretty much looks like something out of Star Trek. Argue if you want about his music, but he’s not a handsome man. This kid on the way better cross his fingers cause he’s about to enter into a hell of a lottery. Things go right and he’s tall and tan with perfect cheek bones. Things go wrong and he comes out with hooves.

I still can’t … guh … this really is the most perplexing couple on the planet. Something’s just not right about this. There’s monkey business going down here. I’m telling you, monkey business.


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