Backstreet Boys are back, yo

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If there’s one thing I know about trends in music, it’s that they last forever. Taste never ever changes. And I can tell by the ladies when I walk down the street in my skin tight Jordache jeans and rising sun T-shirt. And it’s why the new Backstreet Boys tour is such a solid idea. They’ve still got devoted freaks fans who do stuff like this. The first girl looks exactly as I would have guessed. Luckily the tour didn’t conflict with her Wicca ceremonies or shift at the Fashion Bug. I’ve never met the second girl, who looks relatively normal, but I promise you she’s 10 shades of crazy. And isn’t it great that Nick Carter can pretend to be a completely thankless jackass while taking pictures with the last few people on earth who give a fuck about him. What a great guy!