Charlie Sheen loves whores. Allegedly.

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“The bleached and surgically enhanced Chloe Jones claims (Sheen) recently paid her more than $15,000 for sex and even asked the former porn star and prostitute to marry him.”

I’ve never been to a prostitute (in this country) but if I had, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t ask for the girls hand in marriage as she wipes the Astroglide off her thighs and counts her money. But I’ve always been charmingly old fashioned that way. Sheen vehemently denies the story, but his past makes it seem more than a little plausible. And Denise Richards is pretty pissed off about something.

This is Chloe Jones, by they way. I probably should have mentioned that earlier. Oh, and if you take money for sex, doesn’t that make you a ‘current prostitute’. As opposed to a ‘former prostitute’. I’m just asking so I know what to put on my tax form.


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