Brad Pitt interviews Ashton Kutcher

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I don’t know what Interview magazine is but I’m assuming it’s about monster truck parts. You can probably order some kick ass lift kits and naked lady mud flaps. And Brad Pitt must have thought that too cause he agreed to work for them and interview Ashton Kutcher. Here’s a glimpse into what the two most squealed over guys on the planet talked about:

Pitt : Are you wearing underwear?

Kutcher : Am I? Today, yes. Yesterday, you would have caught me on an off day.

Pitt : Dude, you’re hot.

Kutcher : Well, there you go.

Pitt : What about the press? They’ve already said you’re stupid. Have they said you’re gay yet?

Kutcher : I don’t know if I’ve gotten gay yet.

Pitt : Oh really? You’ll get there.

All this and a fold out Bigfoot poster in the April issue of Interview.

update – more on the interview in today’s New York Post.