The Island is online

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The trailer for The Island showed up today, a remake of a movie so bad it was even on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. But this looks much more promising and the script has been changed quite a bit. It stars the always stacked Scarlett Johansson, the always cool Michael Clarke Duncan and the always dignified Djimon Hounsou. And it’s directed by Michael Bay, who I think gets a bad rap, he can be great when he sticks to his strengths. I would have much rather seen him in charge of X-Men than the wildly overrated Bryan Singer. I’ve never seen fight scenes as boring as the ones in X-Men. Each good guy would pair up with a bad guy and go off into a room somewhere. Were they going to fight or play ‘five minutes in heaven’, it was hard to tell and by the end you still weren’t quite sure. I assure you Bay wouldn’t pull that crap. Bay would have banged a bunch of Playmates then blown some shit up. Where as Singer would snuggle with a bunch of boy-banders and then film a scene where people talked about their differences. And yes, I just made an inference.